Zimi - horse coach

Zimi, the ‘Truth Detector’

Quarter horse mare, turns a beautiful palomino color in summer.
Sweet and sensitive, but also skeptical about human motivation. Does not believe in agendas, and will test your leadership skills.

Zimi - horse coach

Zimi is a very special registered Quarter Horse mare. Her registered name is Sunpointe Zimmy, and in the summer is a beautiful golden palomino. We don’t have a lot of details about her early life; however, she has a few scars and permanent swelling on her back legs that indicate she may have had some sort of accident when she was younger. Those scars don’t stop her from running like the wind with the herd, and kicking up her heels in play. She turns 11 this year, and we’re not sure if she has ever been ridden, although her ground manners are quite nice.

Zimi has a sweet, sensitive nature. At her previous home, she ran with a herd of about 25 horses on a fairly large piece of land, so she knows all about keeping an eye out for danger. The man who owned her before us bred her a few times, and she produces beautiful babies (just take a look at LiLi!).  She tends to keep to herself, as she is at the very bottom of the pecking order at our barn. Easier to stay away from teeth or flying hooves if they are on the other end of the pasture!

Because Zimi is so sensitive, and a bit skeptical about human motivation, she is the healing herd “truth detector”.  If I walk out to the pasture with any sort of agenda, she will not participate. The other horses, having had more interaction with humans and our strange behaviors, are a little more accepting of agendas, although that is certainly not their preference. Zimi has no such loyalty to humans. She demands that if interaction with her is desired, it is totally in the moment, and that it flows from one second to the next. Do you want to know if you have any sort of leadership skills? Zimi will be the one to help you figure that out.

We’re so happy that Zimi came into our lives. She isn’t sure what it means to be part of the healing herd, but she is open and willing to learn. Despite her skepticism, she enjoys the gentle human interaction she receives at our barn, and is starting to look for it. Just seeing her sweet face peeking around the door, waiting for her turn to be loved on and scratched, makes my heart sing.