Emma, the Wise

Fell Pony. Fells come in many colors, but with Emma being black, she looks like a mini-friesian.
Amazing, nurturing pony, who started coaching at the tender age of 18 months.

We are so lucky to have Emma with us! She is an amazing coach, and has poured her heart into this work. She started at a mere 18 months of age – VERY unusual, as horses tend to be around 4 or 5 before they have settled down enough to be interested in coaching.

Wilma was her teacher and mentor. Emma stepped up for the first time during a session that Wilma was doing, and assisted the master. From that moment on, she knew what was needed, and has raised her hoof time and again to assist clients.

Emma is from Willowtrail Farm, which is in Gould, Colorado, so although Fell Ponies originated in England, she is a Colorado girl, born (in a snowstorm!) and bred right here. Her breeder is passionate about these ponies, and takes great care in making sure she is breeding true to the ponies’ heritage. They are hardy, sweet and hard workers.

As Emma grows up, she will be big enough for Ashara to ride her, and since they are bred to pull, she will probably learn about pulling a cart, too, if she’s interested. For right now, she is enjoying growing up and being carefree and having fun – unless she’s coaching, and then she’s all heart, and all business.