Wilma, the leader

Wilma, forever the leader

Friesian mare, just over 15 hands.
Calm, gentle, friendly and willing to try out new things. Helped Ashara to get over her extreme fear of being on a horse’s back. Passed away in 2017, but still very present in the coaching process!

Wilma, the leader

Wilma spent the first 13 years of her life as a broodmare, producing beautiful offspring. Her last baby, Patric, was born on our property, on Ashara’s birthday, almost to the time she was born. Talk about a gift.

After Patric was weaned and went to his new home, Wilma started her new career – as a riding horse. She spent six months getting in shape and learning what it meant to carry a rider. Her calm demeanor, gentle friendliness and willingness to try this new thing won the heart of her trainer and anyone else she happened to meet.

When Wilma came home, she waited patiently while Ashara got up the courage to ride her. They started with quick, 15 minute rides in the round pen. Gradually, they ventured out of the round pen and around the property. A major milestone was when Ashara rode Wilma on a trail over to the neighbor’s house. That adventure didn’t happen overnight; it took a long time – years.

Throughout their journey, Wilma stayed with Ashara, greeting her with joy every time she came to the barn, enjoying long walks on the lead line, and gently helping Ashara get over her extreme fear of being on a horse’s back. Without Wilma, Ashara would probably not be interested in riding any more.

Our beautiful Wilma crossed over to non-physical in October 2017, at the age of 26, which is old for a Friesian. Even though she’s no longer in a body, her presence is felt often during coaching sessions, and she still brings her unique blend of heart and encouragement to the process.