The Healing Herd

The Healing Herd is the most important part of Harmony’s Heart Farm™. Without our equine coaching partners, the work doesn’t work!

They offer this message to humanity:

“We work as a team to show humans how to return to their essential selves.  It is our desire to release pent up emotions and to encourage honest communications.  Sometimes, that means “kicking others in the butt” to respect our boundaries and get others to listen.  We see that failure to claim your own space as one of the shortcomings for humans that come into our presence.  Anything that can be done to enforce this, hopefully directly, yet not obnoxiously, is one of the ways to bring harmony into one’s life.  It is also important this not be interpreted as it is ok to bully or carry a grudge, rather, to be in the moment with how you are feeling and honor your own space and emotions.”

Let us introduce you to our beautiful team:

Wilma, the leader

Wilma, the leader

Friesian  mare, just over 15 hands. Calm, gentle, friendly and willing to try out new things. Helped Ashara to get over her extreme fear of being on a horse’s back.

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LiLi, the smart one

Lili - equine coach

Half Friesian mare, the youngest in the herd. Super smart, always wants to participate, LOOOVES helping people! Ashara’s muse and great teacher.

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Zimi, the ‘Truth Detector’

Zimi - horse coach

Quarter horse mare, turns a beautiful palomino color in summer. Sweet and sensitive, but also skeptical about human motivation. Does not believe in agendas, and will test your leadership skills.

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The Support Team