Who is the Pet Yente?

pet-adoption-helpI’m glad you asked! That would be me!

And here I am – kind, caring, and lots of fun, if I do say so myself.

When I first started calling myself the Pet Yente™, I thought a Yente was a matchmaker, ‘cos I’ve had some good luck adopting animals, having them stay with me for a while, and then sending them on to their REAL forever home. So one day I looked Yente up. OOOPS! It means, among other things, “gossip” and “busybody”! Oh, NOOOOOO!

Then I got to thinking about it. When someone is an advocate for animals, they should be a little bit of a busybody. In a nice way. Making sure the people and the animal friend are going along swimmingly (even if the pet is not a fish).

And gossip? Well, listening to someone gossip about their animal could be a good thing, because I might hear something that would help me help the owner understand themselves and their relationship with their animal a little better. But no gossiping of my own – don’t ask me about anything juicy you might have heard about the latest celebrity scandal – I’m too busy hanging with the people who hang with their animals!

So that’s a little about me. What about you? Send me an email, drop me a line. Let’s talk fur and feathers, scales and fins – all wrapped around the best gift in the world – your animal friend.

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