Personal Development with Harmony’s Heart Coaching

asharamorris-largeAbout Ashara Morris

Ashara Morris, President and CEO of Harmony’s Heart Farm™, has been in love with horses her entire life…more

About Glenn Weissel

As the other half of the executive team at Harmony’s Heart Farm, Glenn keeps things running smoothly…more

Harmony’s Heart Coaching™ offers a safe and nurturing environment allowing you to explore your inner journey. Engaging with the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® our horses are active partners during your coaching sessions. Together we help you identify and drop unfinished business that holds you back from fulfilling your dreams and your life purpose. Together we support your journey.Through their own life transformation, personal development and continuing evolution Glenn and Ashara understand the challenges that life brings. They are both graduates of the two-year Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® certification program. They facilitate private coaching sessions and group workshops. Contact them for a free 30-minute Discovery session and begin your journey today!

We have lots of teams – the Healing Herd, consisting of Wilma, LiLi, and Zimi; the Barn Team, Fiona, Niko, Morpheus and Linkx, who keep the barn mouse-free and are the official greeters; and your coaches, the husband and wife team of Glenn Weissel and Ashara Morris.

At Harmony’s Heart Coaching™ it’s all about:
L-O-V-E™ : Listen, Observe, Value and Encourage