Lynkx and The Feline Contingent

Lynkx is an awesome mouser in a tuxedo who keeps the mouse and mole population at bay. Used to be a barn cat, but one really cold winter all of that changed.

Morpheus and Lynkx, animal coaches
Mr. Lynkx warms the tractor seat

Lynkx (and Morpheus) are brothers who came to live in the barn a couple of years ago when their person could no longer keep them. During a particularly cold winter, we invited them into the house, and, well – they stayed.

Unfortunately, this didn’t sit real well with another of our cats, Tolstoy. He and Morpheus seemed to have a real personality conflict. Morpheus tried to stay out of Tolstoy’s way, by spending most of his time in the basement bunkhouse, but both of them are alpha cats and Tolstoy was determined to banish him back to the great outdoors.

The place we live now is not the one where the boys originally joined us. The barn is far away and there is no easy way in. During the summer, Morpheus spent a lot of time outside, and as the days grew shorter and chillier, he packed his suitcase, went out the door, and didn’t come back.

Front to back – Lynkx, Aloysius and Tolstoy. Missing: Torbie and Ry

We miss him. However, with Ashara being an animal communicator, we also know he’s okay. He has found himself another place to live, is warm and dry, and having a grand old time. Morpheus has always been his own cat, and we wish him well.

Lynkx, his brother, has remained in the house. He goes out now and then, but unlike his brother, he does not feel the need to argue with Tolstoy about who gets to sit in the comfy chair. Lynkx is laid back, and leaves the Top Cat position to Tolstoy. The rest of our feline family gets along just fine.

If you like cats, there are plenty to pet, and they look forward to meeting each and every one of you. We do tend to keep them upstairs, since some people are allergic, but if you need a kitty fix, just let us know. One of these marvelous fur people will be happy to accommodate you.