Create Connections through Links

We love to connect our communities. Below please find websites of companies we like and support.

link-touchedbyahorseTouched by a Horse
You are in the perfect place at the divine time to be Touched by a Horse.
Can a horse reveal your vulnerabilities? Support your dreams? Encourage you to create all that you were destined to create? Become more aware of how you “show up” in the world? Or discover more about your life purpose through your personal touch from a horse?

glenn-weissel-photographyGlenn Weissel Photography
Discover the Equine Soul Creative Process™
Glenn’s gift of intuitive filming which is feeling into the moment when art that is unique, bounded by a moment in time offers a reflection of the limitless nature of our Universe is created.
“Photography has been my passion for many years and it is my life’s mission to reflect the beauty of our souls and home world in heartfelt photographic art.”

Heart-Based ConnectionHeart Math Institute

HeartMath provides tools that connect us with the heart of “who we truly are” for living healthier, fulfilling lives and building a brighter future.

leashes-by-lizLeashes by Liz
Paracord Pet Products: Leashes, Collars, Pet Lover Gear and Accessories. Our dog Baby loves her collar!