Lili - equine coach

LiLi, the smart one

Half Friesian mare, the herd leader now that Wilma is no longer with us
Super smart, always wants to participate, LOOOVES helping people!
Ashara’s muse and great teacher.

Lili - equine coachLili is the biggest and smartest of the healing herd, AND, despite her color, she is Wilma’s granddaughter!

A short story: When we first bought Wilma, she was pregnant. She had the foal, a colt we named Patric, who we then sold, and as these things go, we lost track of him. Fast forward several years, and Ashara got a phone call out of the blue from a gentleman asking if we had ever owned a Friesian horse named…. Patric!  When Ashara went to visit Patric, she discovered he was still a stallion, and had been bred to a few mares. There was Lili, two months old and cute as a bug. Of course we bought her, and ended up purchasing Zimi, her Quarter Horse mom as well.

Lili is super-smart, having two whorls on her forehead (it’s a sign!). She learned how to be haltered and led pretty much by watching the other horses. She continues to amaze us. Whenever someone comes to the barn for a session, she is the first one with her hoof in the air, wanting to participate. She looooves helping people.

She is Ashara’s muse, and one of her greatest teachers. This little girl knows just how to push the buttons that will help Ashara grow. She is going to be a hoot as she gets older, and has decided that she is not going to be anyone’s riding horse; she’s a coach, so just keep those saddles and stuff away from her. This is a lady who knows who she is, and how she wants to be in the world. We can all learn a LOT from her.