Declan, the Sensitive

Rescued from Auction. 15-17 years old, sweet and sensitive. Walks with a hitch in his getalong.

Declan works his magic with a client

Declan came to us because Ashara was looking for a saddle horse after Wilma passed. She didn’t want anything too big or too wild, and she likes black horses. A friend recommended Declan. He was newly rescued, and was struggling with lameness, but there was a possibility that he would be sound with some care. Ashara and Glenn took him in as a foster.

As time went on, Declan’s limp didn’t get any better, but just by virtue of who he is, he melted hearts and got along with everybody. Actually, his way of getting along with the mares is to run away. He’s at the bottom of the totem pole.

He’s also a quick study. He watched LiLi and Emma coach a few times, and then indicated he wanted to give it a try. So during one session, we invited him into the round pen, and he knocked it out of the park. His combination of caring and sensitivity allows him to really see the clients, and help them with whatever it is they’re working on.

He is also a good friend to Emma. Emma had an injury, a fracture of her right elbow, that meant she had to remain in a stall for almost 8 weeks. To keep her company, we asked Declan to stay in the barn with her. He had plenty of room to move around, but he stayed close to Emma and during that time they formed a lovely bond. She hardly chases him at all any more, and when she does, he knows that she won’t hurt him and moves away slowly instead of freaking and running (like he does with LiLi).

Declan loves doing the work, and he is now an official member of the herd. We’ve adopted him and he is with us for the long haul. Lucky were we that this fellow came to visit, and then came to stay.