Baby - Rescue Dog

Fiona, the Supervisor

25lb Aussie/Lab rescue. Has become more trusting since arriving with us in 2010 but is still working through her issues. Assists during workshop preparation, cleaning, and occasionally checks out workshop participants.

Baby - Rescue Dog

Fiona is our beloved Aussie/Lab rescue, 25 lbs of energy who also knows the benefits of snoozing away the afternoon. After spending the first couple of years in a trailer with 15 other dogs, she came to us in February 2010. She had to wear a leash for a couple of weeks so we could “catch” her. Once she realized life as she had known it had completely changed for the better, she slowly began trusting us, and now is an important member of the family, keeping various places around the house well slept-in, and enjoying numerous daily walks around the property.

She has also learned a couple of pretty cool tricks, the coolest of which is “the dog is dead.”

Fiona does a lot of pre-workshop assisting, supervising as we set out chairs, clean the horses and barn, and make everything ready for the people coming to visit. She will be joining us in workshops and sessions every now and then, as her socialization skills improve.