About Ashara, Certified Life Coach

asharamorris-largeAshara Morris, Certified Life Coach and President / CEO of Harmony’s Heart LLC, has been in love with horses her entire life. She walked like a horse before she walked like a person, much to the embarrassment of her parents. It was okay when playing outside with her cousins, but at church? Not so much… Eventually she learned to control the urge to whinny and prance at inopportune moments, but she still does a pretty good side pass when the mood strikes.

Ashara always knew she wanted to do something that involved horses and animals, and helped people, but the right thing just never came along. She got sidetracked into the corporate world, and spent many years in computer support, doing training, technical writing, and fixing other people’s computer-related problems. Good experience, actually, for what was coming, as it taught her patience and an appreciation for the many different ways people look at a situation.

Not long ago, a friend introduced Ashara to Touched By A Horse™, and she started receiving the daily Wisdom messages. When Melisa Pearce sent out an email regarding the Equine Gestalt Coaching Certification Program, Ashara was immediately drawn to it. She dialed into the informational call, listened, checked in with her heart, and knew she had found her calling. She graduated from the program in August, 2012, and was excited to put “Certified Equine Gestalt Coach” on her business cards!

You can contact Ashara at ashara@harmonysheartcoaching.com, or try her out in a FREE discovery session.

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